Bridge Concert Series Benefit Show

Please join me for a concert series to benefit The Center at West Park. Located on the corner of 86th & Amsterdam, The Center is a place where artists and musicians and activists and people from all socio-economic and religious and spiritual backgrounds can come together to express, explore, create, experiment, generate, invent, and connect. It is a safe place for constructive dialogue across differences, a place that supports the innovative work of thoughtful artists exploring the edges of creative expression.

The Center is housed in an old sanctuary, which has been converted into a beautiful venue for music, theater and art shows. However, the building is about 100 years old and badly in need of repairs. Help us to help them keep their doors open, so that their mission can continue! You will hear some great music from some incredible artists in the meantime!

Tickets are $25 or whatever you can pay to support the cause. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.

For more information about the Center at West Park, click here.

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